Server Information

Experience nostalgia with SERVER's classic and low-rate specifications.

The perfect combination of the old classic experience with modern client features.

Server Location US West
Episode 2 (Comodo)
Available Classes 2-1 Class
Main Language English
Client Security Gepard Shield 3.0
Dual Logging Disabled (Bannable)
MVP Cards Enabled
Rates & Stats
Experience Rate 1x
Drop Rate 1x
Quest Rate 1x
VIP Rate +50%
Max Attack Speed 190
Max Stat 99
Instant Cast 150 DEX

Player Commands

Here are some of the available commands.

You may use the @commands in-game to see the full list.



Can be used to check item details such as buy price, sell price, item level and etc.



Can be used to see the monster's details, such as stats, experience, and drops.



Can be used to search location of mob to avoid alt-tabing and searching over the internet.



Can be used to search for information about who drops the item via monster or mobs.



Can be used to join automated events and going back to where you were last positioned.



Can be used to join server's main, trading, support and recruitment (lfp) channels.



Can be used to refresh status of your client to fix any display or graphic bugs encountered.



Can be used to check all your accumulated points such as cash, events, hourly rewards and etc.


navi (WD)

Can be used to generate navigation in-game to selected NPC in the website via database.

Commands with "(WD)" are website dependent and has restrictions.

Custom Modifications

Below are the list of items which were modified from the original settings.

  • There will be a 1% penalty on base and job experience upon death.
  • Overweight is changed to 70% instead of 50%.
  • The grace period when picking up monster drops has been increased from 3 to 5 seconds.
  • 5 cells minimum distance from NPC to use vending/chat room.
  • Party sharing has +/- 15 level gap.
  • Receive 10% bonus experience for every member in their party.
  • You can look for party members through adventurer agency.
  • Max guild member has been decreased to 36 including Guild Leader.
  • Can join Clan while being on guild (vice versa).
  • Refine rate nerfed in accordance to episode.
  • Blacksmith blessing implemented.
  • MD5 hash check to avoid client modification.
  • Disabled multi-login. Only one client allowed.
  • Enabled Lite Graphic Plugin.
  • Enabled !ping and !vsync settings.
  • 2-1 Job Quest is according to EP 1.0.
  • Summoned mobs in Dead Branch and Bloody Dead Branch modified based on Episode.
  • MVP's have green aura distinction.
  • Monster have skills but its damage ratio is greatly reduced.