Start your journey with us! Experience nostalgia and exciting gameplay at a low-rate specifications. Equipped with the latest client, a perfect combination of the classic experience with modern features. Play it the way it is meant to be played where there are no godly items and no poorly-designed custom maps and items. Rally your guild, King Tristan Gaebolg III of Rune Midgard is in need of adventurers once again.

Full Classic

Episode 1

Start of Journey

Server Rates

Experience: 1x

Drop: 1x

Available Jobs

2-1 Class

Quest Type

Online Players: 4 | Vendors: 0 | Peak Players: 34
Available only in Desktop PC

What to expect?

Features that will make you play Ragnarok again!

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Classic Gameplay

Start your journey in familiar towns. Enjoy the nostalgic ragnarok experience without the imbalanced renewal system. Max level capped at 99/50.

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Enhanced Features

Experience modern features that gives quality of life update without breaking the classic gameplay. It provides new touch but keeping the nostalgic feeling.

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World Tour Ticket

Walking for hours on end is a thing of the past, enjoy in-game content with a few clicks. Travel to different fields and dungeons using the World Tour Ticket system.

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Client Protected

Ragnafied always check its client using hash checking to ensure that no modifiation being done to it. It also restricts multiple window or dual-logging.

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Cash Shop

Donation rewards are only minor character enhancements, premium membership and cute cosmetic costumes. No GODLY equipment or usable items.

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Reward System

The love and devotion you contribute to the community is priceless. We extend our appreciation by giving out hourly rewards, automated event rewards and many more!

Ready to play?

Let's journey together and beat the odds!

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Hi everyone, Please see below changes done to the server today January 12, 2023. Ended Tis a Season of Giving Event NPC. Updated navigation entry in-game and in web. Removed Snake Hat quest which originally didn't work due to item is not found in DB. As a compensation .....


To celebrate holiday season, the following are activated: Server drop rate increased to 50% more until January 4, 2022. - VIP doesn't affect increase. Christmas Rings Event - This event is about finding the sister of Snower located in middle Prontera. - The reward for this eve.....


Hi everyone, Please see below changes done to the server last December 02, 2022. Attendance System - Activated December counter for the attendance. Hourlypoints System - Changed rewards to character bound instead of account bound. Refine System - Removed broadcast w.....