Making a Donation

We are much grateful to donors for helping keep the server fully operational.

We’ll be giving you 1 credit for every US $1 gift which is 500 Cash Points in-game.

Ready to donate?

Donating is optional, non-mandatory and purely voluntary.

Sending donation means you fully recognize and agree that the amount donated is non-refundable. To proceed, simply click the “Donate” button below.

We extremely appreciate our donors who help the community and this project stay alive.

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Note: Automated donations are done via PayPal (3rd Party Payment Gateway).

Other Ways to Help?

By simply doing engagements and participating in our platforms, such as: Facebook, Forums and Discord. Being active in in-game events and taking part in social media events are also considered helping. Voting is another way to give support; every vote casted helps us get recognized by players who are looking for servers to play in various RO listing sites.