Looking for something? Search our database!

You might find what you need.


The server has 8 public database that can be used for searching which are:

  1. Item - where you can search items that are available on the server which shows information such as item details, where to obtain it and many more!
  2. Monster - where you can search all available mobs that can be hunted on the server and also its information such as item drop and drop rates.
  3. Map - where you can search all available maps in the server which shows information such as available NPC and mapflags.
  4. NPC - similar to map database, you can search specific NPC details such as location or coordinates. (See navigation feature below)
  5. Vendor - where you can search all available sellers/vendors and shows all available items for sale. (See navigation feature below)
  6. Buyers - similar to vendor database, you can search for characters who opened buyingstore feature which shows all of its item buy list. (See navigation feature below)

Web Navigation Feature

Below is a short guide on how to use the feature which is integrated to our database.

  1. For navigation feature to work, ensure that your master account is logged in the account panel.
  2. For the corresponding DB, click on the button that has "/navi MAP_Name X, Y" which is shown below.
  3. Upon clicking the button, a modal will appear that will let you choose account which the navigation will be integration.
  4. Click "Navigate" after choosing an account.
    Note: You can only have 1 navigation per account at a time.
  5. Use command @navi in-game to generate the navigation and proceed to the destination.