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11-09-2022 Update


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Hi everyone,

Please see below changes done to the server.

The following are removed/disabled:

  • PK flag in maps where MvP is alive/present.
  • Monster HP bars.
  • Gympass instructor NPC (Payon) and item (Silvervine).
  • Hunterfly in gef_dun00.

The following are reworked/updated:

  • Payon (left side) direct warp to moc_fild02.
  • Adventurer agency box now provides weightless usable item.
  • Knight's Bowling Bash to do damage twice.
  • Fatigue/Chase range for some mobs such as Argiope, Raydric, High Orc, Orc Warrior, Orc Zombie.
  • Character deletion password set true to email.

The following are added:

  • @killcount command to track monster kill. Limited to 1 mob only.
  • Heal skill when idle to those MvP who doesn't have yet.
  • Boarding Halter Box (30D) in silvervine NPC.

As a compensation for the downtime, rates will be 1.3x (base and job only) until the next cycle of happy hour.

Server will be up exactly 02:30 Server Time (UTC).

Please run patcher to update game files.

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