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12-08-2022 & 12-02-2022 Update


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Hi everyone,

Please see below changes done to the server last December 02, 2022.

  • Attendance System
    - Activated December counter for the attendance.
  • Hourlypoints System
    - Changed rewards to character bound instead of account bound.
  • Refine System
    - Removed broadcast when refine is successful/failed for +8 and above.
  • Follow-up to Lutie 1.5 (Source: 11-30-2022 Update)
    - MVP Announcement & Reward
    - World Tour Ticket
  • Bowling Bash Gutter Line
    - Removed gutter line.

Please see below changes done to the server today December 08, 2022.

  • Added Missing Mob Cards
    - These cards are those whose effect doesn't include 2-1 onwards skills.
    - The following are mobs are added:
    • Anolian, Mimic, Crab, Shellfish, Toad, Mastering, Dragonfly, Vagabond Wolf, Eclipse, Nine Tail, Giant Whisper, Alarm, Arclouse, Rideword, Punk, Mysteltainn, Tirfing, Executioner, Sting, Wander Man, Cramp, High Orc, Choco, Stem Worm, Penomena, Dark Lord
  • Added Other Ep1.5 Items
    • Weapons: Katar of Quaking, Katar of Raging Blaze, Katar of Piercing Wind, Sharpened Legbone of Ghoul and Infiltrator
      - Is dropped via monster.
    • Accessories: Ring [1], Earring [1], Necklace [1], Glove [1], Brooch [1], Rosary [1] and Belt.
      - Can only be obtained thru Old Blue Box.
  • Fixed Poison Status
    - Poison should not stop players from attacking.
  • Reworked MVP Kill Annoucnement
    - Announcement doesn't include MVP/Monster Name anymore.

As a compensation for the downtime, rates will be 1.3x (base and job only) until the next cycle of happy hour.

Server will be up exactly 09:15 Server Time (UTC).

Please run patcher to update game files.

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