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11-30-2022 Update


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Hi everyone,

Please see below changes done to the server.

  • Episode 1.5 Lutie
    • Xmas town is now accessible via Mr. Claus in Aldebaran
    • Antonio keeps getting the red stockings of children. Recover them!
  • Clock Tower Dungeon
    • Implemented key dungeon entrance that is being dropped by Alarm.
  • Skill Updates
    • Fixed Swordsman's Provoke skill not clearing freeze, sleep and stone status.
    • Modified Merchant's Enlarge Weight Limit to 100 * skill level from 200 * skill level.
    • Modified Assassin's Cloaking where it needs wall to be accessible and will remove cloak if far away from the wall.
    • Modified Wizard's Quagmire restriction when placing skill on the ground.
    • Modified Wizard's Fire Pillar requirement for level 1-5. It now uses blue gemstone on all levels.
    • Modified Swordsman's Sword & Two Handed Master to skill level * 5 bonus.
    • Removed Assassin's Sonic Blow stun effect when using the skill.
    • Removed Wizard's Meteor Storm stun effect when being hit.
    • Removed Wizard's Lord of Vermillion blind effect when being hit.

As compensation and celebration of the of coming Lutie (Xmas Town), happy week will be implemented! Rates will be 1.5x (exp) and 1.25x (drops)! May we enjoy the spirit of Lutie and get the stockings back where it belong!

Server will be up exactly 04:30 Server Time (UTC).

Please run patcher to update game files.

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