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11-23-2022 Update


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Hi everyone,

Please see below changes done to the server.

  • Hourly Point Timer
    • Timer now continue the remaining time left once the character disconnects/log-out.
    • Hourlypoints NPC is now a dynamic NPC that spawns in the view of the character only.
  • King Tristan's Secret Key
    • Added to Global Drop that gives the chance to get King Tristan's Coupon via King Tristan's Secret Loot Box.
    • Secret Loot Box gives you 1 guaranteed King Tristan's Coupon and an additional reward which is an RNG based.
  • Kafra Cosmetic Shop
    • Added King Tristan's Coupon as currency to buy cosmetics.
    • Added new cosmetics which will be available later today.
  • Channel Permission
    • Corrected the permission of characters to leave the channel using the @leavechannel command.
  • Arrow Quiver NPC
    • Removed NPC that creates arrow quiver to have a more classic experience for hunters.
    • All quivers must be used a day from now and after that it will become apple.

As a compensation for the downtime, rates will be 1.3x (base and job only) until the next cycle of happy hour.

Server will be up exactly 03:15 Server Time (UTC).

Please run patcher to update game files.

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