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11-17-2022 Update


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Hi everyone,

Please see below changes done to the server.

The following are removed/disabled:

  • Fly Wing/Teleport cooldown due to timer mistmatch.

The following are reworked/updated:

  • Swordsman Tree Skills
    • Endure - Hit count increased to 15.
    • Increase HP Recovery - Changed to 3 HP per skill level.
    • Bowling Bash - Skill level * 50.
  • Archer Tree Skills
    • Steel Crow - Skill level * 6.
    • Beast Bane - Skill level * 5.
  • Mage Tree Skill
    • Increase SP Recovery - Changed to 3 SP per skill level. Wrong description earlier.
  • Acolyte Tree Skill
    • Asperio - Changed duration to 60 seconds initial + skill * 30 second
  • Elder Chief - Requires level 30 to have a conversation.
  • Payon Field 5 and 11 warp connector.

The following are added:

  • Cosmetic cash shop - details posted upon completion later today.

Server migration has been completed. Please provide feedback in terms of delays and latency. Expecting small improvement in term of gameplay. Singapore link will be available later once added successfully.

As a compensation for the downtime, rates will be 1.3x (base and job only) until the next cycle of happy hour.

Server will be up exactly 04:30 Server Time (UTC).

Please run patcher to update game files.

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