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  1. Hi @Sagius, Well noted. Will add it in the description. Thanks. Br,
  2. Hi, To answer your question, the patcher/ragexe doesn't support Windows XP as far as I know since it uses a newer version of C++ registry. However, you can try to run it as compatible with Windows XP and see if it will work. But 100% latest support will be for Windows 7 onwards. As you can see GetTickCount64 for KERNEL32.dll means it missing something. Also, been a while since I used XP so can't really answer further. Hope this clear things. Br,
  3. Hi everyone, Let us enjoy Episode 2 - Comodo & Pets! Please see below changes done. Implementation of Comodo - This includes comodo fields 1-9 and its corresponding dungeon that can be navigated thru in-game or web-map. Implementation of Pets + Evolution - You can now have your own pet and evolve them to something cuter. Updated Mob Placement - Mob spawn has been updated according to Ep 2.0 also. (e.g. More Cruiser in Xmas Dungeon, Clock Tower Manager and many more.) - Please refer to map database. Happy Week Activated - Base & Job Rate is 1.5x while Drop Rate is 1.3x - Happy hour has been disabled. Thanks for patiently waiting. Server will be open March 4, 2023 at 14:00 (UTC). Enjoy! Have fun! ROK On!
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