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  1. The GetTickCount64 error appears no matter what you do if you try to run Ragnarok from a patch after April 2010, that is the "exact moment" and the "why" this error appears, there is no solution for WinXP OS. The GetTickCount64 for Kernel32.dll error already requires an OS change to vista or win7 or higher so it doesn't come out. This pc doesn't support any of those OS, I already tried it. I can only walk around, trying and asking for the patch used for the server; you can and have some luck... I hope. I know of some people who are looking for a server that can be used on winx86, only we take turns looking every once in a while... Have a nice day, Sagius. PS: Could you put in the description of the server that Win7/Vista or higher is required? Maybe, can help to another seeking too.
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