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  2. I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but if it's not too much trouble I'd like to ask a couple of things. 1_ Do you happen to have RO data prior to April 2010? or until Episode 12 - destruction of Morroc? (final part before Renewal) 2_ Could you teach me to configure the deploy the episodes in order? Honestly, the second is what caught my attention the most and I wanted to experiment on this server... of course, if I could play it... If I'm lucky and I can find the necessary data as well as the configuration tips, I could try programming a Test Server for personal use. At least I could enjoy the RPG leaving aside the MMO. My style of play is more Explore and see everything that can be seen in a game; If I can, I would like to complete the various quests of the game as the episodes go by. Which I couldn't do when RO started, because of how young, and good... impatient too. I hope I don't cause too much trouble here. Have a nice day, Sagius. PS: I am currently checking with the RateMyServer Page Admins, and although there is some luck finding data from the year 2016, the date is not old enough and may not work. PS2: They recommended me to ask in the "Classic" servers if by chance they have old data, they may want to update the old download "links" on the page as well.
  3. Hi @Sagius, Well noted. Will add it in the description. Thanks. Br,
  4. The GetTickCount64 error appears no matter what you do if you try to run Ragnarok from a patch after April 2010, that is the "exact moment" and the "why" this error appears, there is no solution for WinXP OS. The GetTickCount64 for Kernel32.dll error already requires an OS change to vista or win7 or higher so it doesn't come out. This pc doesn't support any of those OS, I already tried it. I can only walk around, trying and asking for the patch used for the server; you can and have some luck... I hope. I know of some people who are looking for a server that can be used on winx86, only we take turns looking every once in a while... Have a nice day, Sagius. PS: Could you put in the description of the server that Win7/Vista or higher is required? Maybe, can help to another seeking too.
  5. Hi, To answer your question, the patcher/ragexe doesn't support Windows XP as far as I know since it uses a newer version of C++ registry. However, you can try to run it as compatible with Windows XP and see if it will work. But 100% latest support will be for Windows 7 onwards. As you can see GetTickCount64 for KERNEL32.dll means it missing something. Also, been a while since I used XP so can't really answer further. Hope this clear things. Br,
  6. Hi all, my english doesn't the best, so i'll try write short and to the point. As i say in the title, the server can run on winxp? i have a lot of days looking for a server of ragnarok to play in that OS. Just now i tried to run this server and show me this > "Patcher.exe" and "Ragexe.exe is not a valid Win32 application". 1st jpg And I need to ask, is the server a patch or kro/sakray from before or after April 2010? __ You may wonder, "why a question about a specific patch?"... That's because since that patch Ragnarok Online can no longer be played from WinXP OS. https://support.warpportal.com/kb/a111/can-my-pc-handle-ragnarok-online-system-requirements.aspx It will directly give you the following error. 2nd jpg Please answer if the server has a launcher x86 (win32=win86) and as you will see the 2nd, this is approximately the ragnarok n14 that I tried. Have a nice day, Sagius. PS: my laptop died... yup, like a heartshock T:T this is the only PC i can use now > Win XPx86 sp2.
  7. Hi everyone, Let us enjoy Episode 2 - Comodo & Pets! Please see below changes done. Implementation of Comodo - This includes comodo fields 1-9 and its corresponding dungeon that can be navigated thru in-game or web-map. Implementation of Pets + Evolution - You can now have your own pet and evolve them to something cuter. Updated Mob Placement - Mob spawn has been updated according to Ep 2.0 also. (e.g. More Cruiser in Xmas Dungeon, Clock Tower Manager and many more.) - Please refer to map database. Happy Week Activated - Base & Job Rate is 1.5x while Drop Rate is 1.3x - Happy hour has been disabled. Thanks for patiently waiting. Server will be open March 4, 2023 at 14:00 (UTC). Enjoy! Have fun! ROK On!
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