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Category: Headgears

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RWC2010 Indonesia

Headgear from RWC2010 that gives you advantage so other players with its attributes.

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8 credits.

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Cat Ear Beret

A cute beret with cat ears. ATK + 5% and reduces damage to demi-human monsters.

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7 credits.

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W King Tiger Doll Hat

STR + 2, DEX + 2. Increase damage on brute monster 10%

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6 credits.

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RWC13 Jormungandr Hat

Modeled after Jormungandr the Midgard Serpent. Effect of blood is strengthened with its presence.

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20 credits.

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Gambler Seal

A gambler seal that attached to cheek for a lucky charm.

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5 credits.

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