Ragnafied is short term for ragnarok unified. We are a community that aims to unite players around the world. Our main goal is to give an easy yet thrilling ragnarok experience. It is a server dedicated to old fashion and new fashion players. Easy in the way that hunting items are at 500x drop rate including cards except for MVP's. Thrilling because you have to fight each player in the server thus making it a PK/PVP-oriented server. The reason for this is, old players of Ragnarok does not have the luxury of time grinding for equips because of work or priorities therefore they will be left behind.

Ragnarok is fun when you play with your friend and enjoy pk-ing other players. Conquering castles with your guildmates, bond for camaraderie and not for fame. Hunting tough MVP and discusses who gets the loots and more. After all, the game was created intended to bring fun and excitement! No other reason behind it.

If you're interested to be a part of the community, take a tour to our server and have fun while doing it. Don't quit if you never started it. Don't gossip/whine if you haven't tried it yet. Be part of the community. Be part of a fun community! Rok On!

A little information of the server, 175/60 Renewal Episode 15++ ish /w updates It supports fully working Doram(Summoner) or Kagerou class. Rates again are at: 500x you're just clicks away to be maximum level.The server is protected with Gepard Shield Client Security! Also we have lots of NPC customization such as Costume System, Currency Converter and etc. and up-to-date official instances that can make it more exciting and appealing!

If you're bought with the introduction, you're just a click away in joining us! Click the buttons to check us out! Peace Ya'll!