Donation System

Hi Folks,

As we all know running a server is somewhat costly. So if you want to help the server with its monthly expense please don't hesitate to do so. As a reward for helping we will be rewarding every donor with credits.

For every $1 amount you donate, you will receive 1 Credit via Web Store.

Once you have successfully donated and received confirmation from Paypal credits will be added to your account. (Process is automated)

With the credits, you can buy some items on our web store. Web-Store Link

How can you claim the items from the Web Store? You can claim it via Donor Rewards NPC at Prontera (139, 172)

If you want Cash Points in-game, you can buy the item "Proof of Donation". Redeem the item to Donor Rewards NPC and use @credit/@credits/@exchange command in-game. The command will open a dialogue wherein it steps on how to redeem cash points.

As for the non-automated donation, (donation outside Web-Store or Paypal) you have to email support@ragnafied.net or message iAmGnome to be able to claim the credits in-game.

The other modes of Donation are:

  1. PH GCash Payment - You need to send the amount to the receiver number below:
    Receiver Number: 09278938666
    - After sending you will receive a copy of Reference Number, you need to copy/keep it and send it with the following details below to iAmGnome or support@ragnafied.net

  2. Global Western Union - You need to send the donation to: (Minimum amount to send for WU is $10 due to transport)
    Name: Elmo Conrado D. Arreola
    Location: Taguig, Philippines
    Receiver: Friend
    - After sending you will receive a form that has MTCN, you need to copy/keep it and send it with the following details below to iAmgnome or support@ragnafied.net

The Donation Rates for Non-Automated are:
$1 = 1 Proof of Donation
PHP 50 = 1 Proof of Donation

After successfully sending the donation, you have to message via email or Private Message in Forum with the following details:

  • Message Details:

    Subject Email or PM Header: Non-Automated Donation
    Mode of Donation: GCASH or Western Union
    MTCN or Reference Number: Should be here
    Name of Sender: Juan Dela Cruz
    In-Game Account ID: JUANACCOUNT
    In-Game Name: iAmJuan
    Amount Donated: $XX.XX or PHPXX.XX

After providing the details, please wait 1-2 days to proccess your in-game credits. Again, credits will be added to your account manually.

Rules in Donation:

  1. Once you have donated to the server, it doesn't guarantee you any status/advantage with regards to server rules and regulation.
  2. Donation are non-refundable.

P.S. Thanks in advance! ROK On!

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