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02-08-17 Changelogs

by iAmGnome™ on 2018-02-07

Hi Folks,

For today's maintenance, I have done the following.

Major Update:

  1. Battlegrounds Modification
    - Battlegrounds is now via queuing using "@bg join" command.
    - It's now an automated event every 6 hours. (01:25, 07:25, 13:25, 19:25 Server Time)
    - It can also be triggered manually by players by paying 1 Million Zeny via Battlegrounds Manager NPC located at Prontera 149, 158.
    Registration for the new BG is only 1 per unique ID!
    - Battlegrounds must have at least 6 players to start. Else it will cancel the event.
    - There is no limitation on how many max participants can join.
    Additional Info:
    - You can cancel registration for BG Queuing using "@bg leave" command.
  2. Pet Evolution
    - Pet's now can be evolved! (e.g. Poring -> Mastering -> Angeling)
    - For more info read the link provided: Pet Evolution Guide


Server Battlegrounds & Pet Evolution

by iAmGnome™ on 2018-02-04

Hi Folks,

As promised before that took too long to implement, I'm happy to announce that the server will be having its modified BG soon & Pet Evolution (next maintenance)! So..

For Battlegrounds:

What's New?
- The new BG don't need players to go to the BG room to join! It's now via queueing and via "@bg join"

BG Limitation?
- The current BG has only maximum of 3 players for both teams!
- The modified BG needs atleast 3 players for both teams to start and without maximum players needed.
- This means it can be 10v10 or 100v100!
- Oh! Registration is only 1 per unique ID.

Do I get to choose what team?
- Unfortunately no!
- This is where you need to communicate with other player to win! This will also engage the community to talk each other.
- So I encourage all players to join once it pops out!

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