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12-13x14-2017 Changelogs

by iAmGnome™ on 2017-12-13

Hi Folks,

For this week's maintenance I have done the following:

  1. Updated Charleston Instance
    - Possible Fix for Skipping some Instance Parts
  2. Updated Bios Island Instance
    - Fixed multiple spawn for 2nd Phase once you cross the bridge.
  3. Initial Release of Morse Cave Instance
    This is a custom implementation. Should work as it is intended to.
    - Please report any bugs if you find some. (Could be buggy but tested in Chaos-Sakray)
  4. Initial Release of Temple of Demon God Instance
    - This is a custom implementation. Should work as it is intended to.
  5. Initial Release of Room of Consciousness Instance
    This is a custom implementation. Should work as it is intended to.
  6. Updated Cash Shop
    - Suggested by @dhirgoth
  7. Updated Food Buff Delay
    - Suggested by @le_extian

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12-06x07-17 Changelogs

by iAmGnome™ on 2017-12-07

Hi Folks,

For this maintenance I have done the following:

  1. Critical Attack for some Passive Skills
     → List of Skills: Double Attack, Chain Action, Shadow Warrior, Crossbow, Peer Breeze 
    Source: kRO
  2. Bios Island Instance
    - Custom Implementation
    - This instance will serve its purpose.
    - No pre-requisite quest needed. Just go to Warper Instance and Bios Island
  3. VIP System
    - With the implementation of VIP system, premium system is now removed.
    - What's new? Double rates if VIP, +300 Storage Capacity and many more!
    - Guide to follow, this is now different from the old premium system.
  4. Added GvG Warper
    - Separate with PvP Warper
  5. Added Bloddy Branch in Cash Shop
    - Quest to be followed
  6. Added MVP Room
    - 6 Rooms can be reserved and used for 100K Zeny
    - To summon Boss Monster you need to pay 30m! (Your choice of MVP)
    - Some MVP are not included (That's where you use Bloody Branch)

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